Bank transfers

Users can Send and receive Funds to and from any bank of their choice instantly within their location.


Give your users the opportunity to experience easy and fast payment with both local and international cards.

Cash payments

Unbanked? No worries, we are here for you. Send funds to anyone anywhere using our offline cash payment service.

Latin America
south east Asia
south Asia and Africa

Our payment platform provide an easy to integrate payment solutions which enable you get across to users globally .

Provide your customer with multiple choices

With our payment solution, your customers can access funds and process payment through their preferred method which includes

Easy and fast integration

We provide an easy to follow step by step API documentation that give your developers a seamless integration experience.

Identity authentication

Fraud and impersonation has become an order of the day, with our integration, you can Verify the identity of your users.

Fast processing

What is the essence of digital payment if not fast processing?, with our integration your users can experience instant payment within few minutes.

Access to payment

Give your users the opportunity to be able to make and accept payment anywhere anytime and with the payment method convenient to them.


Digital payment comes with the fear of data and fund security, with our fraud preventing technology, you can detect fraudulent transactions and secure your users funds and data.

Excellent Reputation

Within the industry, our company is highly regarded for our exceptional service quality and customer-oriented approach.

About us

We are a technology driven organization that focuses on providing seamless and easy payment services to the global market especially in the emerging markets. It is one of the leading payment service platform providing its client with an all in one payment solutions. We have achieved a lot since after it started operation and have also created foot prints in over 15 countries including but not limited to the Latin American countries, Asian countries and Africa and is in cooperation with the most famous and biggest payment channels in these countries.

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